Interactive Booklet tutorial

Tutorial for a Flexagon, as usual once you do it the instructions make perfect sense 😉

This is an interactive ‘booklet’, which folds open to reveal another set of images and keeps turning to align correctly.

Flexagon 2.jpeg

Flexagon Tutorial





Book theme continues

I’ve combined the various aspects of writing and the series of images into one book and published it thorough Blurb. Its available to view at no cost and feedback is welcomed so please have a look!


Some notes on using Blurb, I started on Bookify which is purely online and it was ok but a little slow at times. The main issue though was when it converted the book to pdf and chopped text off the edges, this is something Blurb are aware of which is annoying. So I then downloaded Bookwright which is a little more comprehensive and allows you to edit on your desktop as opposed to uploading and working online.

Other options include using Adobe InDesign and Lightroom, so plenty of choice in how you can put the book together, once you register look out for their promotions via email which can be up to 40% off so worth preparing a book in readiness!

Working on books

Three books linked to recent work on memory, Northern Ireland and the writing of Gaston Bachelard and there is a link..

The first is ‘A Mile Apart’ based onto series of images currently on show in the Vallum Gallery in Carlisle – opening 13th July 2017.

This work links a series of house moves in Belfast and chronicles some key events during ‘The Troubles’ in Belfast, see my previous post for more detail on this.

Next up two very small hand-made books related to memory, space and location.

the little book of big stories

is handmade, hardback and stitched book measuring 74 x 58mm


Portavogie after Bachelard

handmade, hardback and stitched pages measures 73 x 51mm


A Mile Apart

is a project mapping a series of house moves growing up in east Belfast, from birth to leaving Belfast to work in England, we moved house 10 times. Each move was just 1 mile or under to the next house.


Each house has its own memories and parallel reality of Belfast during ‘The Troubles’.

small book big stories

Small Book Big Stories

is a current project based on memories and potential to represent something that is clearly a part of experience, yet not documented except through memory.



Book Review for Shutterhub

‘New realities’ of the everyday, vernacular, and the familiar are reimagined by Stephen Posen in his book Ellipsis: Dual Vision, which takes a poetic and creative approach to how the world and the everyday might be explored. More than this, the book explores a relationship with imagery and between images that seems previsioned; a coming together of a depth of experience of simply and not so simply, seeing.

From Ellipsis: Dual Vision by Stephen Posen copyright 2015

The pairing of images together gives this work its underlying structure, hence the Dual Vision of the title. The preface has Alexandra Posen reference Bachelard’s, The Poetics of Space, a book and influence I have long enjoyed in my own approach to image making. The notion being that the everyday, the things we see and take for granted such as a sea shell, a chest of drawers, a nest. Objects that are inhabited and used also have their own story, their own space in which to play a part in our lives; the elevation of the mundane.

Alexandra describes how her ‘father’s camera grabs at the incessant aesthetic happenings of everyday. The act of seeing becomes a giddy festivity of abundance.’

This sense of pure joy and delight is what we seek and sometimes gain in rare moments in our working and responsible adult lives, but Posen gives us an example of reconnecting with dreams, with the delight of a fresh vision and experience as though being allowed to re-experience the world anew.

From Ellipsis: Dual Vision by Stephen Posen copyright 2015

Posen’s images speak for themselves, that is if you listen; reading images is a skill that develops and Posen challenges us further to explore this and find the metaphors that hold the meaning together. That said the book contains a preface, forward, introduction, and essay giving four perspectives on his work and the context of it. The written text gives viewers unfamiliar with Posen’s work a clear overview of his approach and also an indicator for how we as viewers might approach the work. It is completed with an Afterword from Posen on his process of collecting and curating his own work.

There are numerous images that catch my eye and make me smile: a simple pleasure of recognising a shape, a missing jigsaw piece that resonates with its chosen pairing of a ‘daddy long leg’ spider (page 33). The juxtaposition is sometimes a visual extension rather than mirroring. The images of tree, sky and pruned hedgerow paired with a birds nest in a roof top building (pages 48, 49) shares elements, aspirations, and allows us to layer a new narrative.

This is a clever book, we are asked to engage our intellect as well as our senses, the spatial awareness of puzzle solving, or the mapping of colour, pattern, texture to explore diverse images. Posen’s background as a painter is evident in the abstract approach to this body of work and yet the fundamentals of image making and photography frame the concept. Its essence may be the simplicity and fundamentals of pattern, line, form, colour, shape, texture, and light; but it is the juxtaposition and choice of how elements are paired that create this vision. Ellipsis meaning a gap or something missing, in this case the gap creates the space to re-read, re-vision and spark a little synapse in our own creative minds.

From Ellipsis: Dual Vision by Stephen Posen copyright 2015

Posen, in the Afterword: Taking Inventory, reminds us of the role of the white border in framing meaning as well as imagery. For without this the images would bleed and merge, the absence or ellipsis would itself be absent. It’s in that ’third space’ that we see and create something new, just as Posen creates and offers us his ‘new reality’.

This is an enjoyable, creative exploration that engages our sense of play and stimulates the pleasure of connection between image, metaphor, poetry and abstraction. It’s a book to enjoy and revisit and just might inspire us as image makers to see a new reality in our own work and image making journey.

All images Stephen Posen © 2015
Hardcover: 216 pages
Publisher: Glitterati Incorporated (27 Mar. 2015)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 099038084X
ISBN-13: 978-0990380849
Ellipsis: Dual Vision by Stephen Posen is published by Glitterati Incorporated.