Book theme continues

I’ve combined the various aspects of writing and the series of images into one book and published it thorough Blurb. Its available to view at no cost and feedback is welcomed so please have a look!


Some notes on using Blurb, I started on Bookify which is purely online and it was ok but a little slow at times. The main issue though was when it converted the book to pdf and chopped text off the edges, this is something Blurb are aware of which is annoying. So I then downloaded Bookwright which is a little more comprehensive and allows you to edit on your desktop as opposed to uploading and working online.

Other options include using Adobe InDesign and Lightroom, so plenty of choice in how you can put the book together, once you register look out for their promotions via email which can be up to 40% off so worth preparing a book in readiness!


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