small book big stories

Small Book Big Stories

is a current project based on memories and potential to represent something that is clearly a part of experience, yet not documented except through memory.



Orangefield in 3D

I spent a few days this week at Orangefield School, Belfast. Very bizarre, no one there apart from the security guy and me. Got to wander through corridors I haven’t walked through for over 30 years.. played solo snooker in the staff room before photographing it and generally scoped the place for interesting images. Not easy in a standard looking 1960’s building which is now looking worse for wear and abandonment, yet not abandoned enough to be elevated to a memorial.

I’ve said in the bumph about the work that I aim to explore collective memory yet all I can really do is  recapture images of artefacts, space, rooms and areas that have been inhabited and experienced by others as well as myself and give them the opportunity to reimagine themselves there or invoke memories of these spaces.

(There seems to be a corridor missing which led to a new block.. memories eh..)

I particularly liked the art work on the back of the store room door by some more recent pupils who loved Mr Cooper (I never had the pleasure of knowing him) but he seems to have inspired a loyal following.

mr cooper

In the same room are a pair of mens shoes and I wonder if they too are part of Mr Cooper’s absent presence. What caused him to leave a pair of perfectly good leather shoes in the store room, it’s as though he’s just stepped out of them? Mr Cooper if they are yours and you are looking for them they are still there (this week anyhow).


So back in Cheshire now and processing the images I’ve taken to make to 3d for the exhibition, the idea being that to create space around space in a more three dimensional way allows a different perspective, it makes our eyes and brain respond slightly differently, we realign literally, physically and perhaps emotionally.

Here’s the same stage I played the rat (thanks Miss Fulton), I also at one point did a reading to assembly from the Bible where much Gnashing of teeth was mentioned, I emphasise the ‘G’ as a hard ‘G’ as I pronounced it like the name of a small African village. Van Morrison is set to play in this very space next month.

BTW you will need red and cyan 3d glasses to see this one properly, then sit back in your seat and give it a second 😉 (click on the image to see a larger version)



and another one from the gym..



The exhibition will be part of Eastside Festival at the school and other areas of East Belfast in August. (3D glasses will be supplied!)